Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday babies!

It's been a ride.  Nothing like we ever imagined it to be.  Twins.  Sharing.  Doing things together.

We've watched the twin bond thrive through the unimaginable and know that Mason is the best therapy for Riley.  Mason adores Riley and spends time with her every single day.  This isn't what we wanted.  This isn't the way we envisioned it but, it's our normal.

Riley has proven to be the bravest person I have ever known.  Multiple hospital stays, surgeries, procedures, meds.  She's a hard worker and shows us in therapy that she is trying to do the things we ask of her.  She's still "Riley".  Riley is stubborn and picky and will let you know when she is unhappy with something.  Riley is our pretty pretty princess and my girly girl.

Through everything, Mason has been there for her, every step of the way.  We're thankful that the bond they have is unbreakable.

Mason has become a little boy.  Strong, stubborn and funny.  He has us in stitches every night.  He loves lawn mowers, trash trucks and helping the cleaners.  The kid is a neat freak!  He's silly and smart and quite the daredevil.  Mason loves his "brodder" and follows him around wherever he goes.  Mason is independent as well.  He wants to do things his way and with no help.  Mason loves the "me me's" (minions) and "mo mo" (Elmo).  It's a joy to watch Mason grow.

I will forever be thankful that after struggling to have another child we were blessed with 2.

Riley's illness has been hard and yet has taken us on a journey that no one would ever understand.  My 3 kiddos adore one another and their love fuels our love for our future.  Our life is not perfect.  In fact each day tests us more then we can explain.  But... we are together and together to celebrate another birthday.

I am thankful that today we celebrate BOTH Mason and Riley.

Happy 2nd  Birthday Babies.  You have both taught us more then you will ever know.  Your TRUE love for one another will always remind us that LOVE concurs all.

Happy 2nd Birthday Mason & Riley!

Fight On!
Dave, Megan, Logan, Mason & Courageous Riley

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