Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthdays, Baseball and Fun!

The weekend after Mason and Riley's actual birthday we had their Princess & Pirate party.  Fun was had by all and we can't thank everyone enough for being there to help celebrate our Princess and Pirate!  Special thanks to Jen Jen and Casey who were over Friday night and early Saturday to help us set up.  You two are amazing and we love you!

Last week Logan had his first official Tball game.  He was very excited as you can see.  It seems that the whole team is still trying to get used to the positions and concept but, it is cute to watch them all out there being cheered on by family and friends like they are in the pros!  2 of Logan's friends from school are on the opposing teams so we have to have a little pep talk before hand on days that Logan's team plays his friend's otherwise he'll run all over the field to high five and chat with them!

Friday was the Jog A Thon at Logan (and Mason's) school.  Riley was able to come with us to cheer her brother on.  Logan kept going around and around the track during the 1/2 hour time they had. We think he did 12 laps.  There were food trucks, face painting, a cake walk and a dunk tank.  We all had a great time.

Somehow between leaving the school and arriving home we lost Riley's implant.  It was a nerve wracking evening that had me texting whoever I could at the school and had Dave and Logan back at the school in the darkness looking everywhere for it.  To make a long story short it was found.  Before it was found though we were reminded of the goodness in people.  Every person that was still at Sonrise that night stopped what they were doing to help try and find the implant.  A mass email was sent out to all families and I've been told 2 families went back on Saturday to try and look for it in the daylight.  It was nice to not feel alone in our search and the way everyone came together for us is humbling.  So thank you to everyone who prayed for us, searched for us and spread the word.  Now I need to buy something to keep the implant on Riley's head!

This weekend was HOT and Dave wanted to bbq for his birthday so Uncle Scott, Tobin, Uncle Mike, Tia T and Mia were over.  Mia spent a lot of time with Riley.  It was nice that we had a nurse who didn't mind and was encouraging the interaction.  Before they left for the night Mia, Riley and Mason read stories together.

Yesterday we stopped by Grammie and Pa Doug's so we could see Molly and Luke (and of course Uncle Brad and Aunt Kara).  Mason is not quite sure about mommy holding Luke.  He's really in to pointing out babies these days so we're trying to teach him to say baby Luke instead of just baby!  Molly and Logan of course had fun running around together and Molly had Logan playing house.  She made the rules and Logan actually followed them!  They were both sad to part when it was time to head home.

Today Riley had therapy with her DHH teacher.  At the end she made her first piece of art work with a color dobber (just like a bingo dobber).  She let me help her go up and down on the paper and when she was done she was done!  Tomorrow we'll head to the pediatrician for Riley's 2 year old check up and clearance for her surgery next week.

In the meantime we are enjoying the normalcy and routine that we are getting in to.  Of course I am always wating for something to go wrong and really have to remind myself to live in the present and appreciate each day as it comes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dave, Megan, Logan, Mason and Courageous Riley

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