Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Thank You!

I'm home with my boys waiting for midnight which I don't think this mama will be able to make it to.

We want to thank all of you for your love and support. I just glanced at our blog hits and literally there are people all over the world reading about my sweet girl! Amazing and overwhelming.

I came home because even though I didn't want to, I know I needed to. Riley's brother Logan turned 4 in October. He is a sweet, sensitive boy who spent the last 3 days with his favorite cousin (sorry Cameron, Drew, Gage, KD, Peyton and Molly- I promise he adores you all too!) and he needed some reassurance.

I finally understood the difficulty Dave had with coming home. I think once you get in a fighting mindset behind one child it's hard to imagine stepping away even for a few hours.

Dave is with Riley tonight and this will be the first time we have not spent New Years together in 9 years. Hard to swallow but, easier to do when we both are fighting for our baby girl. Riley is daddys girl and convincing him to leave last night was hard but, he knew he needed rest too.

We are all so overwhlemed with you love and support and feel it in many ways.

We all as a family want to wish you a happy new year. Personally, our family has been through many struggles in 2012. We were looking forward to putting this year behind us for so many reasons. Now I can't wait to send 2012 out!

Riley is stable. Responding to touch, pooping, coughing and gagging. I hope we see her open those beautiful blues soon!

Now, I just want to wake up and see 2013 as a year of change and healing. We wish you all a better tomorrow filled with love, peace and happiness.

Dave, Megan, Logan, Mason and courageous Rilwy


  1. You are an awesome mom!
    Xoxo to all of you!!!
    I hope little miss riley is improving more this new years day!
    Love to you and the rest of the Mc'hopper family!

  2. I know how hard it is to pull yourself away from the hospital and your baby...I know when I left myka to spend time with the boys it was what I needed too...they needed their mom and I needed a reminder of why we were fighting so hard to keep our family in tact.

    You are doing the absolute best you can and one day, all 3 will be able to fully understand that. You are a fantastic, exhausted, mom...don't forget that! Riley is one lucky baby that her parents believe in her and are fighting tooth and nail for her.

    If you need a venting session about life inside the hospital walls or the tug of being 2 places at one time...I'm here....xoxo