Sunday, December 30, 2012

* I'll be adding pictures to my posts. I want you all to know that some of them are difficult to look at. **

We've decided to start using our family blog that we haven't used since I was pregnant with the twins to keep you all updated on our sweet Riley.
I don't have time this morning to give the full story of how we got here but, will try and put something together for those of you who aren't familiar with Riley's story.

Riley is currently having her morning CT scan done. She is stable and all of her vitals are doing well. Right now, everything is day to day and we are just waiting.

I can't begin to express the overwhelming feeling of gratitude we have to each and every single one of you that has been praying for our sweet baby girl. She needs all of the prayers she can get. Dave and I commented to each other this morning how we have people of every faith from every state and many countries around the world praying for Riley. That is powerful!

I've read through all of your fb messages, posts, texts. They are so helpful in times of stress. Dave will read them eventually but, for now it is too difficult.

My MIL just arrived here this morning from MT along with my BIL and nephews. My brother will be flying in on Tuesday from CT. My parents, FIL/SMIL, SIL/BIL and our dearest friends have been helping us physically an emotionally with everything. We have an amazing support system and Riley has a family who adores her and is doing everything they can to make sure she feels the love from her family.

The head of the PICU was on the floor yesterday and we asked him if Mason could come see Riley. Normally, children under 3 are not allowed on the floor. He made a joke about bending the rules and double checked with the Charge Nurse if it was ok. Late yesterday afternoon, Dave brought Mason by to see his sissy.

CHOC will be Riley's home for the next few weeks. The staff is wonderful and aside from the ass Nuerosurgeon who we call Dr. Doom, we've only encountered a team of the best pediatric doctors/nurses in each of their own respective specialties. Riley is getting the care she needs.

Riley hanging out with electrodes monitoring her brain for seizures.

The machine monitoring her is amazing. The tech has a camera watching Riley's every move. It records sound as well so we have to be careful what we say!

I'm not sure why this is all showing as a wall of words and I haven't yet watermarked my pictures but, I feel safe enough putting this all on the interwebs for now until I can get help with that.

Thanks again and welcome to the Hopper Household. Riley appreciates ALL of you!

Megan, Dave, Logan, Riley & Mason


  1. Your strength as a mother fighting for her child will ultimately see her through this...this post brought back a lot of memories for me...the pics will one day be a badge of courage of what you all went through and how you rallied to make sure that sweet girl comes home with you....

    Much love to you all...

  2. I am so happy to hear she is doing well. Lots of love and prayers from Texas!! Keeping fighting baby girl!

  3. Megan, we are all praying for little Riley and your family that you all will get to be together again and all this will be past you all. I'm so sorry Riley is going through this!!! She is such a beautiful little fighter <3

  4. We re praying so hard from Missouri. So much love to all of you. Keep fighting baby girl! Memo's will keep the prayers coming.

  5. Sending much love & prayers from WA State! We are all pulling for you sweet girl!

  6. Sending you all warm thoughts and prayers for comfort and a quick recovery. Much love to you all!

  7. Love to lil Riley & your family!

  8. We are continuing to pray...we love you all! Xoxo, Jennifer, Steve and Bella

  9. Megan, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through at this time. Nicole read about it on FB. Please know your baby girl and family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    All our love,
    Gina Parrille and Family

  10. Sending good thoughts and love to Riley and your whole family!

  11. Sending lots of warm hugs from NC. We are praying for your sweet girl!

  12. Found you via Jeremiah 29:11's blog, praying for you and Riley.

  13. Megan,
    I spoke to your dad the other day and he told me about Riley. She is now at home, he sent me her picture...what an angel! God bless you and Dave and family.
    Love from Kay and Kim Berglund and Jill Underwood.