Saturday, March 2, 2013

A birthday celebration!

We had a great day today.  The weather was beautiful, although a little too warm for my liking, but if it had rained I'd be complaining about that so we're just happy we were able to celebrate Mason & Riley in sunny weather. Yes, I know if you still have snow on the ground you are cursing me.

When the realization that we wouldn't be home for the big day finally set in we decided to just do something super small with our immediate families and a couple friends.  There are 20+ other families at Healthbridge and although I wanted to invite 3 times the people it just wasn't going to happen.  We needed to respect their privacy and quiet and really were limited on how many people we could have.  So we were a super small group but, perfect size for Riley as any stimulation at this point is overwhelming.  We'll re celebrate most likely at the end of August near the babies 1/2 birthday so we can include everyone!

With a little help from the activities director we were able to set up the back patio/yard and enjoy each others company for a couple hours. 

Riley was finishing up ST as people arrived so she was a tad late getting to her party.  She was doing really well though with sucking on the therapists hand and swallowing so we were thrilled.  She also had a great report from the doctor on rounds this morning who seems to think Riley's recovery is going at a faster pace then normal.  She made this comment after Dave had mentioned we had a phone call from the SW at CHOC on the babies birthday and she seemed surprised that Riley was doing so well.  Not in a bad way just pleasantly surprised.  She had called to wish M & R a happy birthday.  I know it's because of the prayers, thoughts, good wishes and support Riley has had. 

We didn't know how she would react to being outside.  She's sensitive to light and obviously a very sunny, hot day could be disastrous!

We brought the stroller out along with a portable suction machine but, thankfully Riley was content and calm in our arms the entire time.  It was so nice.  We had to go inside to change her diaper and she was mad until we got back outside.

My goddaughter and Riley's first girlfriend Mia let Riley borrow some sunglasses and that seemed to really help her.  Heck, I have to have my sunglasses on me whenever I'm outside or else I can't see so she is definitely my daughter!

Mason had a great time hanging out and especially took a liking to our family friend Jerry.  It was too cute to see them together and Mason was still giggling as Debbie and Jerry left to go home.  It meant a lot to our family that they were able to be there.  Debbie and Jerry have been such a wonderful support for our family and Debbie has kept Riley in special prayers the last few months.  They're more like an aunt/uncle so having them a part of this celebration was special to all of us.

Logan got to run around with his cousins and barely sat down long enough to eat his PB&J.  He was so excited to play with Tobin he barely ate any of his cupcake.  Very rare for him! 

It was nice to see him having so much fun and being so happy.  I worry so much about him and how this all makes him feel.  When he left with my mom the other day, on the babies birthday, he found a dandelion in the parking lot.  While we were buckling Mason in his car seat I hear him whispering a wish.  His wish was for Riley to get better, his friend Michael to come play at his house and to see his cousin Molly.  Cue tears.  I had no idea he knew about dandelions and wishes but, my mom told him about it at the park a few weeks ago.  He can be a typical 4 year old and drive us bonkers but, he really does have a sweet, kind, caring side.

We of course had Salsa Sweets cookies and they were a huge hit.  I think they are at any party!  I also picked up some cupcakes from a local bakery that were really good and huge.

Thanks to everyone who made the journey to Healthbridge to celebrate M & R.  We really appreciate it.  I had a whole speech that I wanted to say to everyone after we all sang happy birthday but, as I looked around at everyone in front of us I knew I wouldn't have been able to get a word out if I even started saying what I wanted to say.  So just know we love you all!

We have some big news to share next week.  We're still trying to get everything lined up and figured out but, we're excited to share.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Mr. Mason.  Logan went with my parents to Del Mar tonight and Dave is at the hospital with Riley so we had a little mommy/Mason time this afternoon.  He is so full of energy and in to anything and everything.  I enjoyed our time together and it was much needed.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Dave, Megan, Logan, Mason & Courageous Riley!

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