Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary and we move on!

Busy, busy, busy.  I really wish we had a few more hours and more energy each day to get everything done!

Riley did great during her procedures Friday.  As I pulled up to the valet at CHOC I realized something was going on!  I had seen the news earlier in the morning and saw that Ryan Seacrest was broadcasting from the new radio station he sponsored but, I didn't expect to be in the middle of the hub bub!

We got to know most of the security guards while at CHOC.  I guess we're talkative? Friendly?  So as I waited to see if I had to run to Healthbridge to pick up the mickey button that we were supposed to have (supposedly) I was in the middle of the Seacrest crazy.  My favorite security guard told me she had no clue who anyone was but, she was going to stop them to find out.  Love her!

We have not been back to CHOC since the new tower opened.  It was amazing to see and people like Ryan Seacrest have donated tons of money to make this addition a reality.  After seeing what has been done it has only reaffirmed our mission as a family to do something big at some point in the future for this hospital.  Yes, we aren't "famous" but, I believe we will think of and do something that has a lasting impact at some point.  This hospital saved Riley's life.  It's the least we can do. I can't describe our love for the staff at CHOC.  We hope to walk back on the PICU floor with a little girl that makes them all go wow.  Trust me.  This is something we both dream about.  Riley can do it.  She will.

Anyway, I waited next to Sam Rubin who is a local news guy here who joked to me that no one wanted to see him as the Wanted left and I waited for Dave to let me know what to do (I had the valet guys hold my car because I thought I'd have to run over to Healthbridge).  BTW I have no clue who the Wanted is.  They looked like grungy teenagers to me.  I suppose I could have taken a pic like all the other crazies but, I felt silly.

Dave let me know they found a mickey button for Riley at CHOC, thank goodness, and we were good to go.  If they hadn't found it her lack of food since 2:30am and expensive ambulance ride would have been a waste and we would have been mad!  Dave was livid before they found one.  We try to make sure we know all that is going on and we were never told we were supposed to bring this with us!

We were in the new 3rd floor outpatient surgery center.  It is beautiful, state of the art and just perfect for CHOC.  Before this addition all surgeries were done over at St. Joseph's.

Riley's procedure started and my nosey, curious self wanted to check out the Starbucks that we were told was opening before we left.  So we head to the 2nd floor and that's where Ryan Seacrest and crew were.  We are so celeb naive and after we got our coffee I guess we walked out with Zendaya and Taylor Lautner (sp).  Only reason we know this is our anesthesiologist and GI doctor were joking about what a jerk Taylor was and how the chief of surgery made a comment to Riley's surgeon that she needed to give Zendaya a gtube.  Girl is teeny tiny! 

It was just funny to see the doctors all excited about the celebs.  We missed Miley Cyrus and a few others but, we weren't there for them we were there for Riley!

She did great, has been pissed about the PH probe tube but, that came out today at 12/1230 and now she has a little button!

Today Grandpa Hopper stayed with Riley for a couple hours so I could come home and switch with Dave and get ready for my bff from colleges wedding shower.  I had to ask for help because pulling a shower off just wasn't going to happen and her family friend Mary stepped up to give her a beautiful shower on a beautiful day.  It's been a while since I've been in Toluca Lake after practically living in Studio City 12 years ago so it was nice to be around some familiar settings!

I can't wait to be Leane's MOH and it was a wonderful shower.  55 days to go!

Thankfully, Tia T and Uncle Mike braved watching the boys with Mia in tow.  Teresa's sister also came over with her daughter Isabel and I know Logan loved the playtime with someone more his age!  When I say we have amazing family and friends I really mean it.  T & M were available for us last minute and I can't thank them enough!   Bonus was I actually got some time when I got home with my beautiful goddaughter Mia!

Tomorrow is our 6th anniversary.  I could nauseate you with all the ways I love Dave but, I won't.  We've been through so much in the last 6 years.  More then I'd ever care to list out and Riley's sickness has just been the kicker.  It's just been life things but, I would never have wanted to go through it all with anyone else.  Thankfully, nothing has ever had an effect on us or the relationship we have.

Dave gets me.  I get him.  We work.  I am thankful that we crossed paths almost 10 years ago and that I get to raise our little family with him.  Obviously, I love him more then words can really describe.  We just click and in my opinion we make a pretty good team.

I am thankful every single day that my life is the way it is.  Even when the days  are dark and I don't think I can go on Dave is there to remind me why I can.  I hope and pray my children find something similar one day. 

So, now I'll bore you with some wedding pics.  We were married by Phil Wood of the Church of the Good Shepard in Arcadia.  I'd always admired him and Dave was able to meet him with me at a few Methodist Hospital events before we were engaged.  He was the ONLY one I wanted to marry us and after we left our first meeting with him Dave was convinced as well.
In this picture you see Brittany, Dave's step brother's daughter (my inspiration).  On the day we thought Riley was gone Jimmy (Dave's step brother was at his side in an instant)  We've lost Brittany since our wedding.  I was pregnant with Logan at the time.  Her strength at the time and throughout her sickness reminds me daily to have faith.  Brittany dancing at our wedding was one of the things that made me the happiest.  If we could all know a Brittany our lives would be infinitely richer!



As all things seem to come full circle Phil was also the first person I asked my mom to call when Dave was told that Riley was gone and essentially brain dead.  He was willing to drive down at 11pm at night if we needed him. 

Instead, we all composed ourselves and he met us in the hall outside the 6th floor PICU on the morning of one the darkest days of our life.

Phil's presence was so comforting and he was there to help guide us through the entire morning that we were told Riley was not "gone" and there had been an error.

I, to this day, get chills thinking about how life came full circle.  The man that married us was also the man that carried us through the hardest day of our life.  He stuck around for hours.  Listened and translated doctor speak and just was present.  I hope everyone can have a Phil in their life.  One day, when our children are finally baptized, he'll do it and it will mean even more to us as a family.

I guess we just don't know sometimes how certain things fall in place but, they all do for a reason.

So, happy anniversary Dave.  6 amazing, crazy years.  2 businesses, 3 kids, 1 house and a lifetime of memories.  I can't wait to see what the next 6 years bring!  I have faith that they will be amazing!

We'll celebrate with a night away while the grandparents hold down the forts!  We're both lucky and blessed.  And believe it or not thankful!

Fight On!
Dave, Megan, Logan ,Mason and Courageous Riley!

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