Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

4 1/2 years ago on October 6, 2008 I became a mother and my entire world changed.  Everything I had ever thought about life and everything I thought I knew about life changed.

My views about my own mother changed.... forever.

There is no deeper love then the love of a mother.  There is no deeper heartache then what comes over you if something happens to your child.  There is no other title in this world that I am more proud of.

On February 28, 2012 our family of 3 grew to a family of 5 and my world was rocked again.  How could I love any other child more then I already loved my first.  Instantly, I knew that it was possible and that I could.  It just happened and I just did.

I've been blessed to have a mother who taught me everything about the greatest position I've ever been given.  My mom is someone who gives to not only her family but, her friends, her volunteer commitments and her community in ways you'd never think were possible.  My mom was and still is in my eyes the ultimate soccer mom who always did it all with a smile on her face and an unimaginable sense of calm.  My mom has shaped me in to the mother I am today because of the ways she taught me to be a mother even when I didn't know there were lessons to be learned.

After becoming a mom the world around me changed and I looked at every mom I knew differently.  In a good way, in an awe way, with a sense of respect. Thankfully, I am lucky to be surrounded by amazingly strong women who I draw my strength from each and every single day.

Moms who have lost children before they were able to hold them in their arms, moms who sacrifice each and every single day to give their children more, moms who chose their children and gave them a loving home, moms who balance a full time working schedule, moms who walk alongside their child as they fight a battle with any type of illness,  moms who spend 24/7 with their kids as a SAHM,  moms who have walked away from a bad situation to make life better for their children and moms who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and had to bury a child long before it was time.  Each of you that I know personally I consider my own personal heros.  I draw my strength from your stories.  I Fight On because you have taught me through your story that it is possible.

I am thankful today for my 3 beautiful children.  I am thankful for my own mother who has done more for me and for our family than I could ever explain.  She's the ultimate Grammie and one day the lessons I learn from her today will help carry me on to be a Grammie myself (at least I hope).  I'm thankful my children have Grandma Marie and Grandma Beverly to love them and care for and about them each and every day.  Their role in my children's life is one of the most important things to me.  My children are lucky to have hit the Grandma jackpot!  I am thankful for my children's Aunts who make them feel special year round.  I am thankful for our "friend aunts" who take the role on with amazing ease and help to raise my children alongside us without even knowing it.

I already have been given the greatest Mother's Day gift and that is another day with my 3 babies all together in our home.  I don't need anything more.  I mean maybe an extra hour of sleep and a few loads of laundry done and a nice champagne brunch and.... you know what I mean because we ALL need a break every once and a while and I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't ask for it!  But really, truly, I am happy to celebrate with my family.  The sleeping in will be a bonus and the laundry Dave will do because I just won't touch it tomorrow will be a nice bonus!

This Mother's Day I hope that each and every mother I know is appreciated, hugged, loved and thanked for all that they do.

It's because of all of you that I get through each day.  Mother's, no matter how young or old share a bond that can't be broken.

Happy Mother's Day Grammie
Happy Mother's Day Grandma Marie
Happy Mother's Day Grandma Beverly
Happy Mother's Day Aunt Becky
Happy Mother's Day Aunt Kara
Happy Mother's Day to you!


Fight On!

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  1. Beautifully written! Happy Mother's Day to you!