Thursday, August 29, 2013


Somehow I blinked and my first born was ready for Kindergarten and my babies were 18 months old! 

I looked back at my post about the twins 1st birthday.  So much hope that we would eventually have Riley home with us.  And now we do.  So much faith in the fact that Riley would progress and she is getting there with baby steps.  A lot can happen in 6 months! 

Mason is growing like crazy and has really developed quite the personality!  He's all over the place, wants to do whatever Logan is doing and gives the best kisses and hugs. Life is okay.  We're okay. And we're all together.

When I put everything in to a timeline it really drives home just how far we've come.  I remember really wanting to throw a big party for this day.  A party that replaced the lack of big party for the twins 1st birthday.  Now, with a more clear mind I realize that instead we need to focus on big bros big 5th birthday coming up in a few weeks and just appreciate the day for what it is and what it means for the babies.  And I am going to really try to appreciate the next 6 months as our babies aren't really babies anymore!   As soon as the Batman 5 party comes and goes (Logan has had his theme picked out since the day after his party last year) I'll be in full planning mode for the twins 2nd birthday! One day at a time.

We've been counting down the days, practicing and writing our letters and Logan has asked us a million times about the first day of Kindergarten.  Yesterday, was THE day.

So grown up!


We kept Logan in his preschool program over the summer to give him normalcy and activity during the week while we were busy with Riley and Mason.  I know it was a good decision because the one week we tried just sending him for 2 days nearly drove all of us crazy!  Logan is social and active and the summer program was really good for him.  As some of his classmates started having their last days at preschool Logan would declare they were already in Kindergarten.  So since the beginning of June we have been hearing about so and so's last day and how they were already in Kindergarten.  Kid cracks me up sometimes.  He had to have cupcakes for his last day last week.  According to Logan everyone else did.  I still am not sure I believe him but, you best bet he showed up with cupcakes on his last day!

We've made a big deal about this transition and have tried to make it really special for Logan.  Sometimes, being the older brother, especially to twins, one of which has very special needs can be hard.  We try to remember that Logan is as affected by Riley's illness as we are and that his feelings and emotions about everything need to be heard.  Doing big brother things with him seem to help when things get tough.

Tuesday night we let Logan pick out a restaurant he wanted to go to for dinner.  Of course he picked BJ's and wanted to use his gift card he's been saving since Christmas.  We had a nice dinner and headed home for pj's and stories as getting up at 645/7am is going to be a challenge for Logan!  Heck, getting up is going to be hard for mommy!  We've really gotten used to sleeping in until 730/745 everyday. 

Yesterday morning Logan got in the shower a bit sleepy eyed but, ready for his big day!  We took the obligatory 1st day pics and headed off to school.  It was the first day for Kindergartners only.  Brilliant idea in my opinion.  The kids met the teacher, had a tour of the school, learned about various areas in the classroom and socialized with one another.  About half of Logan's class is made up of kids who he went to preschool with so he was right at home.  His "buddies" are in his class as well.  I have a feeling they are going to keep the teacher on her toes...  In a good way.

Over the mamarazi!

We both really enjoyed the morning with Logan and I feel confident in our decision to send Logan to Kindergarten and Sonrise.  I honestly left the parking lot and let out a big sigh of relief.  It's going to be a great year for Logan!

Before we could start our pre Kindergarten festivities Tuesday we had an appointment at the House Institute to meet with the audiologist and discuss moving forward with Cochlear Implants (CI's).  I've been really impressed with the audiologist we are working with and have really clicked with her.  She's fantastic with answering any questions we have and replies to emails within hours not days like some people!  Dave had not been to House before so I am happy he was able to come and see everything in person for himself.

We are proceeding with the CI's.  The time table is anywhere from 2-6 weeks from now.  I really wish we had a more definite date but, there are  many factors playing in to this happening right now.  The anesthesiologist at the hospital House uses is not comfortable taking Riley's case.  In all reality he is right.  She really needs to have this done at a Children's Hospital.  Problem is only a few of the doctors at House have rights at Children's and CHLA isn't making CI's a priority right now.  See many factors....

We also need to decide which device Riley will get.  There really isn't that big of a difference between the 3 that are offered but, remember we are making a decision for Riley about something she will have for life.  So, we saw the devices in person, touched them, discussed them and had a full explanation about how they work.  Because CI's are so new (30ish years old) we are really trying to pick a company that has a solid financial backing, spends money on R&D and will be around for many years to come.  We also want a company that is going to continually try to improve what they already have.  We all know what technology has done in the last 30 years and I can only imagine where it is going.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

I am pretty sure we're in agreement about which one we're going with.  If you've had a CI or know of someone who has had one I'd love to hear what you have to say about the implant.  Which device is used and the Pros/Cons??  

Now we wait and hold our breath and hope that CHLA agrees to take Riley's case!  If not we'll be looking at moving the surgery to either UCLA or Rady in San Diego.  Both fantastic hospitals!  There are pros and cons about both and I think we'll discuss them if we need to in the near future.  For now I just hope we can get this done soon.

Riley's back at work in her therapies and in between doctors appointments and time to rest she is working hard.  She'll have a swallow study done in the next few weeks and after a joint appointment with GI/ENT/Pulmonologist in mid September I hope we can get a bronchoscopy scheduled.  The coordination to get anything moving forward for some of these procedures is mind boggling.  Thankfully, one of the administrators at the ENT's office put a bunch of pieces of this scheduling puzzle together for me and I think we're on the right track.

Yesterday she had a little photo shoot for some promo materials for the nursing company we use and I am excited to see the images.  Hopefully, they were able to get some decent shots.

We're looking forward to the long weekend and saying goodbye to summer, although this horrible heat is probably here to stay. 

We'll kick the weekend off tonight watching the Trojans take the field against Hawaii.   I'm a bit of a freak about USC football.  Hence the Fight On reference!  We're hoping for a great season around this house! Dave's just hoping I don't wake the babies with my cheering tonight. And yes, you may be seeing a few pics of my kiddos in their USC gear here and there!

Logan tailgating with mommy!
Love the look on Mason's face!
Our pretty princess
This photo cracks me up everytime I see it.

Next week we'll continue what we've been doing, get adjusted to our new "school year" schedule and continue to move forward fighting on for Riley.

Don't forget to sign up for the CHOC Walk!  I'm sure you'll all be annoyed with my reminders but, hopefully if you want to be there you'll appreciate them.  I've been so happy to see the team grow and we're looking forward to it.

Fight On! and beat Hawaii!

Dave, Megan, Logan, Mason and Courageous Riley

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  1. Fight on Hopper Household. Fight on. In our hearts and prayers. The cardinal and gold blood runs thick and is strong. Know u r thought on in the highest regards!