Monday, October 7, 2013

Crazy Birthday Weekend!

This weekend was a weekend to remember for so many reasons.  Please bare with me as I recap everything!

It's no secret that my little man Logan turned 5 yesterday.  If you're my friend on FB or follow me on IG you are probably tired of all of my pictures and posts.  Sorry!  A kid only turns 5 once right?!?!?  And take this as a warning now that this post is long!

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since our 9 pound 1 ounce baby joined us.  Logan was born on my Nanni's birthday.  She passed away a few months before Logan was born but, was insistent before her passing that Logan would be born on her birthday.  When I received Logan's mid quarter progress report last week and saw that Logan was getting an "O" in Bible I smiled because I know that is my Nanni coming through in Logan.  And if you knew my Nanni you'll understand that she is smiling down on us because each year as we celebrate Logan we remember how she predicted Logan's birthday and was right :) and remember her!  She was a lady who didn't want to be forgotten!!!

The birthday boy!  A whole hand!!!
We started off the weekend attending the morning flag salute and prayer at Logan's school on Friday.  We knew Logan would be getting a birthday pencil and get to have the whole school sing him Happy Birthday so it was something we definitely couldn't miss!
The picture says it all!  Pure joy.

After running around town like a crazy person all week we started setting up for Logan's party on Friday night.  Thankfully, Jen Jen and Casey came over to help.  Without Jen Jen there is no way I would have completed everything!  What can I say I tend to have a bit of ADD when it comes to getting all of my ideas to come together for something!

All of the labels and birthday banner came from Shaye at Couture Celebrations OKC.  Lifesaver!!!  And perfect addition to the party! Couture Celebrations OKC
The only picture of the cake!  It collapsed before we got a chance to sing to Logan.  Just another one of the behind the scene things that went a bit awry!

Of course we had Salsa Sweets cookies!  The minis were perfect to use as toppers on the cupcakes!  Thanks again Nicole!!!  Loved them as usual! Salsa Sweets

Logan's party was a huge success.  As I listened to Logan talk to his Grandma Montana (Dave's Mom) and declare it was the best birthday yet I knew my mission was accomplished.  All I wanted was for Logan to enjoy his special weekend and day.  Logan has been through SO SO much and often times has to sacrifice things for his sister because we really can't predict what each week or even day is going to be like.  And, he is the absolute best big brother and cares so deeply for Riley.  It blows me away sometimes.
Our bat family!
The one the only amazing Jen Jen!!!
Just chillin!
Uncle Brad and Molly chatting with Riley
Another casualty of the party.  The improvised Bat Mobile had a car accident while being hung!  The kids still enjoyed the candy.
Baby Luke!  Our adorable nephew he makes me smile.  His giggles and coos are the BEST!
Nap less Mason having a great time!
Happy 5th Birthday Logan!

Saturday night we collapsed in bed from shear exhaustion.  My phone rang at 11:30, right as I was in that deep sleep mode, and it was Riley's nursing company letting us know we were going to be without coverage overnight.  Like I said we never know what the day is going to bring.  I was (perhaps I still am) furious over this because I had called multiple times last week to make sure we'd have coverage this weekend so that things could proceed as planned and we didn't have to add in another worry.  So I grabbed my pillow pulled out the sofa bed in Riley's room and had a little sleepover with Miss Riley.  It was another sleepless night for me trying to make sure Riley's sats were okay.  Our new nurse arrived at 7 and thankfully the boys slept until 730ish so I was able to get a quick nap in before we started Logan's actual birthday festivities.

Each year on the kid's birthdays the "Birthday Fairy" visits and decorates their rooms with balloons and banners.  Logan has talked about the Birthday Fairy for months.  The smile he had when he saw what the fairy had done was priceless and the balloons and confetti provided hours of entertainment for the boys!

Hey look, the balloon fairy came to visit!

We continued the day  by heading to breakfast at a restaurant of Logan's choosing.  He overheard another table celebrating a birthday and made sure to let our waitress know it was his birthday.  They brought him a slice of chocolate cake with a candle and sang to him.  Logan thought it was the coolest thing ever!
Cake for breakfast???  Why not, it's my birthday!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and tearing packages of new toys apart and then got ready to head to the Laker game with Grammie and Pa Doug.  Since we only had 4 tickets Dave and Mason got ready to head to Janet and Mike's to celebrate Tia T's birthday.  While getting ready I had an odd feeling about leaving Riley home with the nurse.  She was brand new and just didn't seem to really get Riley's quirks and schedule.  We both explained multiple times what to do if x,y,z happens and before I walked out the door I reminded her where our numbers were on the board if she needed anything.  The plan was to only leave her alone with Riley for an hour or so.

Logan and I met my parents at their house and loaded up with them to head to the Laker game.  We got on the freeway and Dave called.  The nurse had called 911 and they were rushing Riley to Pomona Valley (there are multiple reasons that I won't elaborate on that this upset me).  So, my dad turned the car around and dropped me off and Logan headed off with my parents to the game. 
Ready to watch the Lakers!

Another picture of happiness!  Loved his first Laker game!

I raced home and met Jen Jen and Casey (who came to the rescue once again!!!!) at our house.  They followed Dave to the hospital and brought Mason home.  We're pretty used to the ambulance ride/ER gig at this point and once we knew why the nurse called 911 (due to a normal to Riley seizure) our mission was to get out of the ER ASAP.  As I told her multiple times it's better to be safe then sorry.  And really I know this.  I'd rather have a nurse call 911 and things end up being okay then to even think about the what if's.

Dave got to the ER just as they were getting ready to insert an IV (normal ER protocol) and was able to stop them.  After a chest xray and discussion with the doctors/nurses Riley was ready to come home.  It was perhaps the fastest ER/ambulance experience ever.  We were back home at 7pm, an hour and a half after the 911 call was placed.

So the weekend didn't quite end as planned but, Logan still got to enjoy the Laker game, ended up on the big screen twice and passed out on the couch 2 seconds after walking through the door.

I know our life will never be "normal" again.  This is our new normal.  I am however  just beaming with happiness this morning that we were able to make the weekend ALL about Logan and make him feel so special and like a normal 5 year old.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us.  And huge thank yous to Jen Jen, Casey, my Mom (AKA Grammie) and I suppose I should thank Dave too!  Without their help all of my crazy ideas wouldn't have come to fruition.  And without the help of Salsa Sweets and Couture Celebrations OKC the party would have looked like a Pinterest fail!  Planning Logan's party was a nice distraction from what we deal with day in and day out.   

And now we'll get back to our regularly scheduled life....although I'm not sure that really exists!

Dave, Megan, Logan, Mason and Courageous Riley

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