Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It's hard to believe that it is now October!  We are going to be busy this month.  Logan's birthday is this weekend and the CHOC Walk is the next weekend.  We have many appointments this month, sporting events, a concert and we'll end the month with Halloween of course!

Last week Mason had a double ear infection on top of cutting 6-8 teeth.  I've lost count!  I often find him chewing on whatever he can get his hands on!  We were happy when Friday finally arrived but, knew we'd be busy. We had a ton of house stuff that needed to be done so we would be ready for Logan's party this weekend.  In the midst of all of that we were without a nurse overnight Saturday and Sunday.  When it rains it pours

Love this silly kid teething and all!
Helping clean the backyard!  Logan is thrilled :)

Yesterday I was up at 4 am worrying about everything that needs to get done and making sure I got Riley her meds at 430 am and feeding at 5 am.  Of course Riley takes after mommy and slept through everything!  I was able to get 3 loads of laundry and a cycle in the dishwasher done before the rest of the family was up so that was a plus.  As Dave joked with me about the beauty of the couple hours before the sun comes up I briefly considered making it a more regular habit of getting up early until I remembered how much I love my sleep!

We're still in a holding pattern so to speak in regards to the Cochlear Implant surgery and I am getting impatient.  I know things will all work out but, not having something in the calendar and not prepping to actually have the surgery done is driving me crazy.  My unorganized self that has now become attached to my email and google calendar is cringing! 

At the end of every month I look at next months calendar and take in what we are up against.  October has us following up with the Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Pulmonologist, GI, ENT and Neuro Rehab doctor along with an EEG, lab work, botox and hopefully a bronchoscopy.  We also need to schedule a swallow study.  Looking at all of that exhausts me at first glance and then I start to add in therapy appointments, Logan's school activities and life events in general and I feel out of breath.  This is where the help and support we receive really saves us.

October has also always signaled to me that the end of the year is fast approaching and usually I feel like I blink and it's Christmas.  I'm hoping to be able to fit in a trip to a pumpkin patch with the kiddos again this year and hopefully we can take some time to stop and appreciate the changing season (if it ever decides to really change!).  I have a feeling though that before we know it the calendar will change again and it will be November!  I seriously wonder where the last year has gone....

Last Friday Riley did SO well in PT and had me grinning ear to ear.  She was sitting with slight assistance from her therapist who supported her ever so lightly in her trunk but, she was holding her head all on her OWN!!!  I sent Dave a picture and he was just as proud.
Riley sitting up in PT!

Sunday while hanging out together on the couch I tested Riley again and she was able to hold her head up while I held her arms and pulled her up towards me.  It made my day.  These milestones make all of the hard work and worry worth it.

This weekend the twins also turned 19 months old.  I used to lose count of the month birthdays but, they mean so much more to us now.  Sometimes the day brings back happy memories and then there are the times that I start my "it's been xxx since" and "Riley got sick xxx months ago" or "when the twins were xxx months old they did xxx."  And then I snap out of it and realize I need to get back to living in the moment.  It's the only way to really get through the day.

Trying to get a good month birthday shot was impossible!

I still have a long list of to-do's before the big 5th Birthday Batman shindig on Saturday.  I always run around like a crazy person the week before parties and I am lucky that this year I was able to enlist the help of a few special people to help put the finishing touches on the day.  I can't wait to see what arrives in the mail this week!

Before I go though I have to thank, Pinterst Told Me To and Sheaffer for an amazing gift that I am receiving.  On a whim on Friday I entered her contest for mom's of special needs children. 
Pinterest Told Me To
I really did not think that I would ever win and when I woke up Saturday morning to her email saying I'd won I was giddy.  Once I get some time to use the Loft gift card I will have to share what I am able to get.  For a mom who's wardrobe additions recently have been from Target and Old Navy, because really who has time to make it to the mall, I am excited to spruce things up in my closet!  Thanks again Sheaffer!  It really came as a complete surprise.

I also have to share the success that our team is having with raising funds for the CHOC Walk.  I initially set a goal of $2500.  As of right now we are up to....... $8670!!!
CHOC Walk Team Riley
 Much of that is thanks to Pa Doug who has been telling Riley's story to anyone who will listen and drumming up donations.  Uncle Brad and Hannah have also raised quite a bit for the walk, thank you thank you thank you!  It's quite possible that by the day of the walk we will surpass the $10,000 mark!  It makes me teary just thinking about it.  So thank you to all of you that have donated whether it be through our team page or through our individual walkers.  It makes this mama happy to know that there are so many people pulling for us in every aspect of our life.

We hope you all have a great week!

Fight On!

Dave, Megan, Logan (the almost 5 year old!!!), Mason and Courageous Riley


  1. Hi Megan! I hopped over here and checked out your blog after seeing your comment on my blog today. You have a beautiful family! I can hardly wait to see what you score with your gift card.
    Let's keep in touch!
    Sheaffer :)

  2. Once again, you leave me speechless. Amazing momma. love you, cindy